Lasers to Get the Job Done

As a Spectra Precision laser equipment supplier, we offer an array of leveling, positioning, and alignment tools perfect for general construction, interior, and underground work. Lasers and Laser Display Receivers allow you to spend less time walking on the job site, and more time in the cab being productive.

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GL612N/GL622N Automatic Grade Lasers

Single or dual-grade lasers are automatic self-leveling, rugged, and cost-effective to simplify all level, grade, and vertical alignment setup tasks.

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GL412N/GL422N Grade Lasers with Vertical Alignment

The automatic self-leveling single or dual grade lasers level, grade, and vertical-align. Delivering consistent, reliable, and accurate performance to work faster and smarter.

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LL500 Laser Leveling System

Setting the industry standard with accurate, stable, and reliable one-person leveling equipment. Designed for use on the job site and reliable in the harshest conditions, increase productivity and profitability.

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HV302G Green Beam Construction Laser for Interior

The automatic self-leveling offers exceptional versatility for a variety of horizontal, vertical, and plumb applications.

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GL700 Grade Laser Series

Offering single, dual, and steep grade lasers, the GL700 series is the right laser, for the right job.

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UL633N Construction Laser

The most versatile construction laser offers total control of X/Y/Z axes. Built for general construction and interior, UL633N gets the job done easier and faster.

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LL300S Horizontal Laser

The self-leveling laser allows a variety of general and concrete construction applications. The full-featured laser enables you to work faster and smarter, in any weather.

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LL300N Horizontal Laser

The horizontal laser can withstand drops, weather, and dust. The strength reduces downtime and lowers repair costs to handle your general and concrete construction jobs.

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DG613/DG613G/DG813 Pipe Lasers

Designed to fit around tighter inverts, DG613/DG613G/DG813 pipe laser thrives in demanding underground conditions. With self-leveling, line alert, line, set, spot finder, and target help target performance and reliability.

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