SITECH Chesapeake Is Your Drone Solutions Partner

At SITECH Chesapeake, we offer multiple drone solutions for your projects. Whether it’s software, hardware, training, or support, SITECH Chesapeake wants to be your Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) partner.

We offer drones that are suited for surveying, mapping, engineering, and construction firms. Our drones can provide more accurate surveying when it comes to topographical mapping and collect large amounts of site data resulting in more reliable estimates for construction bids. Contact us for more information and to schedule your consultation today!

Software Solutions

Trimble Stratus Drone Software: Powered by Propeller

Trimble Stratus powered by Propeller combines the strength of the Propeller platform with the robust Trimble workflow to deliver an unparalleled solution for SITECH customers. Developed as an exclusive white-labeled version of the Propeller platform, Trimble Stratus seamlessly integrates Propeller’s cloud-based visualization platform into Trimble’s connected site ecosystem.

This integration ensures that Trimble Stratus users experience the best of both worlds, harnessing the precision, speed, and simplicity of Propeller’s technology within the familiar Trimble environment.

Discover the power of Trimble Stratus, where Trimble and Propeller come together to create a truly complementary and accurate solution for your jobsite.

Features & Benefits

Trimble Stratus empowers you to manage your site effectively with simpler, faster, smarter data. It is the one-stop hub for how you map, measure, and manage your teams, data, and jobsite.

  • Easy + Scalable: A simple survey data workflow for businesses of any size
  • Accurate: Verified survey-grade results at scale
  • Integrated: An end-to-end workflow that integrates with the other technology in your stack
  • Insightful: Critical insights you can access from any device
  • Supported: Expert processing, analysis, and advice, available 24/7
  • One Stop shop: Manage your machines, production, and geospatial data from one hub
Trimble Stratus Drone Animation

Hardware Solutions

DJI Matrice 350 Drone

DJI Matrice 350

The M350 is built for tough conditions and extreme temperatures with a self-heating battery and weather sealant that protects it from rain, dust, and even winds. Survey large, complex job sites with ease and accuracy.

DJI Mavi 3E Drone

DJI Mavic 3E

The Mavic 3 Enterprise is a commercial-grade, survey-focused UAV that’s perfect for your typical earthworks site. It’s highly suitable for precision site mapping in the civil construction, aggregates, mining, and waste management industries.

Wingtra GenII Drone

WingtraOne Gen II

WingtraOne GEN II’s unique set of features empowers you to minimize your time flying and get more work done, be it another project in the field or analyzing your data at the office.

WISPR Skyscout

The SkyScout is a small, lightweight, yet highly durable drone for use in a wide range of applications including surveying, construction, and inspection workflows. Offering custom-tailored payloads, it empowers users to collect data with pinpoint accuracy and versatility.

WISPR Ranger Pro

The Ranger Pro is built to withstand the most challenging conditions. Its rugged design, including a carbon fiber frame, ensures it can thrive in demanding environments. Its adaptability is equally impressive, accommodating a variety of sensors and payloads.

Training & Support Solutions

At SITECH Chesapeake, we’re much more than a drone dealer, we want to be a true partner to our customers. That begins with determining your needs to help identify the product best suited for your business. Following the purchase, we’ll provide on-site training to ensure you get the most out of your drone’s capabilities.

From training, service, and repair to any questions you have, our team is here to help with whatever you need, when you need it. Contact us today.

Drones & Dirt Demo Days

SITECH Chesapeake and Propeller regularly host demo events, tailored for individuals who are looking to learn more about Trimble Stratus. Experience the ease of drone surveying with DJI and Wingtra drones, then see the integrated processing, 3D visualization, and analytics power of Trimble Stratus powered by Propeller. Click here to view upcoming events.

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