SITECH Trimble SPS585 GNSS Smart AntennaVersatile, compact and affordable — the SPS585 is the ideal entry-level Trimble receiver for both marine and civil construction applications

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SITECH Trimble SPS855 GNSS Smart AntennaThe SPS585 is a versatile, budget-friendly receiver designed to:

  • Access multi-constellation, GNSS satellites for 10cm (0.33 ft) position accuracy
  • Optional upgrades to high precision rover available
  • Utilize both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Use VRS networks, Internet Base Station Service (IBSS) or Trimble’s CenterPoint™ RTX™ correction service
  • Move quickly from a vehicle or vessel to a range pole using a built-in magnetic mount




The affordable Trimble SPS585 GNSS Smart Antenna can be used in both marine and civil construction for a variety of tasks.


When paired with Trimble SitePulse software or Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software, the SPS585 is an ideal positioning solution for supervisors or construction surveyors.

Using SitePulse software and the SPS585, field managers can:

  • Make decisions faster, reinforced by accurate documentation
  • Reduce the dependency on the surveyor by performing simple positioning tasks
  • Access up-to-date data to support decision-making
  • Increase production, reduce rework, and document work quality
  • Improve communications between the field and office by connecting more people on the jobsite

For more complex positioning tasks, the SPS585 GNSS Smart Antenna and SCS900 Site Controller Software can be used for:

  • Measuring and verifying original ground levels and site features
  • Monitoring real-time cut/fill information
  • Checking finished grade and laid material thickness against design elevations and tolerances
  • Computing progress and material stockpile volumes
  • Monitoring, and conducting quality control for earthworks and paving operations
  • Assessing as-built measurements and generating high quality reports for approvals and payment

SITECH Trimble SPS855 GNSS Smart Antenna

When a lightweight, cable-free system is needed for short duration tasks, the SPS585 is the perfect solution. For complex positioning tasks, the SPS585 with the marine option is compatible with Trimble’s HYDROpro software and other commonly available Portable Pilot Unit (PPU) applications.

The SPS585 is not suited for long-term exposure to the marine environment, but can be used for short-term, temporary installations such as:

  • Portable Pilot Units (PPU) for channel navigation and docking
  • Remotely operated hydrographic survey boats
  • Cable-free, temporary installations requiring position and heading