SITECH Trimble GNSS ReceiverYour GNSS operations are only as good as your correction source. It’s important, so we let you choose the right one for you. Larger sites may need a GNSS base station, smaller sites may opt for a virtual correction source.

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GNSS Base StationGPS alone does not give the high level of accuracy need on a construction site. The accuracy and integrity of GPS can be greatly enhanced by RTK correction services. RTK correction sources take many forms, but all provide information that improves GPS/GNSS performance and accuracy.


For larger construction sites and those that include both site positioning and machine control operations, we recommend you deploy the Trimble SPS855 GNSS Modular Receiver as a permanent or semi-permanent base station.

For additional information on which external antenna to choose for your base station, please visit the Trimble GNSS Antennas web page or contact yourSITECH® Technology Provider.


Trimble Internet Base Station Service (IBSS) broadcasts Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) corrections  from your base station over the Internet via Wi-Fi or a cellular network. This makes it easier and more economical to use highly accurate GNSS for site positioning or machine control on the construction site.


OmniSTAR delivers real-time and highly reliable Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) positioning services for construction sites worldwide, 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. For positioning tasks that require 10cm accuracy, OmniSTAR is quickly and easily deployed with just a phone call to subscribe.

For more information or to subscribe to OmniSTAR, please visit the OmniSTAR web site.


The Trimble VRS Now® subscription service is ideal for construction sites where it is not practical to set up a base station, such as sites where there is no machine control or for initial reconnaissance tasks where a base station is not yet established.

Utilizing Trimble operated VRS technology, centimeter level accuracy is available on demand, anywhere within the reference station network. It’s highly cost effective and efficient, super convenient, simple to use, and always on.