SITECH Trimble GPS Base StationGPS Reference Station Setup For The Construction Job Site

Construction contractors can now use a single conventional base station set up with any number of GPS-based grade control or site positioning systems within a 20 km (13 mile) range.

Flexible Set Up

The Trimble SPS751 and SPS851 Modular GPS Receivers combine the radio and GPS receiver in a single housing. This allows contractors to secure the majority of their investment inside a site trailer or carrying case, protected from the elements and theft, leaving only the antennas outside. The antennas can now be located clear of obstructions and provide maximum radio coverage on site.

The base station is typically installed at a fixed or semi-permanent location, such as the roof of the site office. It consists of a GPS receiver, GPS antenna, radio and radio antenna. These receivers are internet-enabled allowing for remote configuration and monitoring eliminating visits to the base station. They can provide corrections to cell phone enabled rovers also.

Trimble SPS751 and SPS851 Modular GPS Receivers are ideal for semi-permanent or permanent base station setups.