HCE has the same system requirements as other state of the art CAD systems. Although it will run on many minimum category systems with small data files, performance will quickly become unacceptable as the amount of data increases.


1.6GHz Processor
GDI/OpenGL Graphics Card
128MB Graphics Memory
1024×768 Display
120GB Hard Drive
Windows XPl


2.2GHZ Processor
GDI/OpenGL Graphics Card
512MB Graphics Memory
1280×1024 Display
300GB Hard Drive
Windows 7 – 32 Bit


2.2GHZ Processor
DirectX Graphics Card
1GB Graphics Memory
1900×1200 Display
300GB Hard Drive
Windows 7 – 64 Bit

Current Trimble Software & Firmware Versions

The PassMark Software Website shows benchmark testing for CPUs and Video Cards. This site is an excellent place to evaluate price and performance of individual components.

The biggest limitation for notebook computers is the video card. A card adequate for web and email programs may not be practical when using images or data sets of modest size. Notebook computers designed specifically for gaming or CAD are typically the best models to choose and may be the only models with 1GB video cards.

  • Windows 7 64 Bit, allows Windows to access more than 4GB of RAM and Business Center – HCE up to 4GB
  • Windows 7 32 Bit, Windows Vista and Windows XP only allows Business Center – HCE to access 1GB
  • RAM and with a high memory switch up to 3GB RAM maximum. For this reason we recommend that the user purchase a PC with 6GB RAM and WIndows 7 – 64 Bit operating system if you wish to get the best performance
  • Vertical display resolution is more important than width resolution; however we recommend high resolution display wherever possible to maximize the graphics real estate that you have to work with.
  • Business Center – HCE is designed to take advantage of dual monitors so this is another way to increase your working space