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SITECH Chesapeake Training Opportunities: Aug 1 to Dec 31, 2016

SPS720 SITECH Trimble Total Controller Station

August 16, 2016 Subject: SCS 900 Roading-Advanced Location: Sitech Chesapeake 19 Thomas Ave Pumphrey, Maryland 21225 Course Length: 9am - 4pm (2 Days) $650 SCS 900 Roading (Advanced) is a class for midlevel to advanced SCS900 user who are seeking knowledge as a SCS900 Roading (Advanced) user/operator. Course provides detailed instruction on use of the SCS900 software for advanced field site applications. Basic SCS900 functions will be reviewed. Advanced SCS900 functions, Roading stakeout methods and settings, entering Roading alignment, profile and cross section templates, staking Roading features, catch points, slopes, surface locations, roadway subgrades, roadway asbuilts and tolerance checking, and configuring info...